Protections at heights!

Or what are the mast work platform?

Mast hoists offer much greater security and look much more professional than traditional access methods.

The work platform of the mast hoist is an automated access system that provides quick and effective movement of workers and materials to an ideal working height, which significantly increases the speed and efficiency of work without the risk of injury in lifting and positioning materials. Mast hoists can be lifted and dismantled for 30% of the time required to lift conventional scaffolding. Delivering a work platform that can move to the right position equals much more efficient work. The following example could be supported by this: the worker usually needs 5 to 8 min to reach the fourth floor. If he has to bring all the tools and materials with him, he is already tired before he starts his job. Compare this to a platform that can be lifted vertically to the exact position by 10 metres per minute, at the touch of a button. for half a minute to the fourth floor. The worker arrives without any effort along with all the materials and equipment he needs to work. Multiply this for every shift, lunch break, etc. and the increased productivity is obvious. In summary, working mast platforms provide much more efficient, fast and safe work than traditional access methods at a height.
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