Mast climber SAEClimber P36

Mast clmber P36 is mainly used for building refurbishment, insolation, cladding and facade restorations. This model is very easy to assemble and in the same time you can benefit from its maximum payload. Very convinient feature are the platform extensions. (for facade balconies).

P36 is suitable for all kind of heavy and light building restoration work also for new buildings.

This model is able to cover pretty big area of the facades with the lenght a facade of 30 meters and hight 200 m hight and in the same time is very easy and conviniennt to install.

Available in two configurations:

One mast Twin mast
Max. height 200 m 200 m
Maximum lenght 9,8 m 30,1 m
Payload 1500 kg. 3600 kg.
Lifting speed 6 (10) m/min. 6 (10) m/min.

You can contact us to make an offer for purchase or rent, maintenance and service.

Possibility for leasing.

Advantages of the mast working platforms:

  • The construction hoists have high loading capacity;
  • The installation time of the mast climbing platform requires about 30% of the time required for the installation and dismantling of the conventional facade scaffold;
  • The provision and usage of the mast climber ensures the transport of materials and workers to the perfect working height only for couple of minutes with a push of a button, which improves the productivity and efficiency of the working process and reduces the time, required for performing the work;
  • The usage of mast climber can be your solution for even the most complex problems related to height access, because the mast climbing platforms have consoles that are used for extension of the platforms and in such a way, each contour of the building becomes accessible;
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