Material hoist/transport platform SAEClimber PH10

Material hoist/transport platform PH10 is produced according European standart EN12158 and European directive 2006/42 EC.

The model is available at 12 m/min (maximum according to regulations) or double speed version 12/24 m/min. (with inverter) for mixed use.

The model is available also like material hoist only with speed 24 m/min.

Max. height 150 m.
Cage dimensions 1,6 X 1,4
Payload 1000 kg.
Lifting speed 12-24 m/min.

The priceoffered by us are prepared after request for quotation. Our team can prepare individual quotation as per your requirements for height and loading capacity of the equipment which you wish to buy. We offer to our customers initial installation and training for mast climbing work platforms.

Possibility for leasing.


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